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Digital Marketing


Black Dot Group creates engaging, shoppable online experiences from your existing print catalogs, circulars, and brochures or from your raw content and marketing goals.

Our digital experiences bring all of your content together in one place so customers have everything they need to make a buying decision and include a seamless path-to-purchase, leveraging your own ecommerce platform.

No resources, no problem. Black Dot Group offers turnkey production that delivers exactly what your marketing and ecomm teams need without requiring their time or energy.


Transform your static print catalog into a shoppable online catalog that looks great on all devices.

  • Simple, intuitive navigation and searching.
  • Link all product numbers and skus to your ecommerce product pages through our accurate, automated workflows.
  • Inform your customers and qualify their click-thrus with detailed popup product presentations that shatter the limitations of print formats.
  • Quickly enhance and publish any project, from one-page sell sheets, to brochures, flyers, and 1,000+ page catalogs.


Our digital experiences bring together a wide variety of engaging content that gives your customers a reason to explore your content and products.

Easily integrate:

  • Feature Benefit & Product
    Demonstration Videos
  • Looping Animations
  • Interactive 360° Product Views
  • Installation Guides, Sell Sheets,
    and Order Forms
  • Coupons
  • Custom HTML Widgets


When you take your marketing material to the web you can shed the traditional limitations of print space and cost. Give your customers the ability to fully explore your products through detailed popup presentations that allow them to shop all styles, colors, and variations of your products.

Present even complex product groupings, collections, and offers as if every item was a "feature" item, each with a one-click Call to Action link, so customers can purchase exactly what they want.

Product selection, images, copy, and pricing are all driven directly from data so updates are simple to make and immediately available.

Leverage the best aspects of the web without compromising on the curated presentation that your catalog layout delivers.


Through our detailed metrics reports you can gain incredible insight into how your customers are using your digital content.

Some of the metrics we track include:

  • Unique and repeat visits
  • Which pages are being viewed and read
  • Which products are users interested in
  • Product CTA and link click-thrus
  • The most popular search terms

We don't just report user behavior, we help you make sense of it all and use the knowledge to inform improvements to your digital experiences and content presentations.

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